Company Info

A 40-Year Legacy

With a corporate legacy that began in 1981, ProSpec Electronics entered the world of marine audio in 1986 with the launch of SeaWorthy – the company’s first line of dedicated marine audio products. In fact, the innovative SeaWorthy line was so successful, within one year Prospec focused exclusively on the marine industry.

Today, ProSpec Electronics manufactures and distributes some of the world’s best-known marine audio products. A leading supplier to OEMs and the marine aftermarket, the Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, company has grown to become a major international supplier, exporting products to clients throughout the world.

What makes us unique? ProSpec designs source units from the ground up. That design then makes it to our factory for further engineering analysis, and then eventually to our testing laboratory for the ultimate in environmental design. From providing you primo data to make the most informed decision about your audio purchase to the post sale experience with "live" support, we got your back!


EXTREME TEMPS. The WAKE series is prepared for the extreme elements, whether it’s the warm summer days of the Caribbean or the cold days of a Seattle winter. Your marine stereo system should be as robust as your vessel and hence the reason we engineer for extreme temperatures.


VIBRATION. Waves impact your boat and all of the components on it, thus it stands to reason that your source unit must be engineered to withstand those G forces. Rest assured that all components of the board have been engineered to combat vibration to provide years of trouble-free tunes!


SALT FOG. Meeting the ASTM B117 salt fog standard, our source units hold up to the punishment of the saltwater environment. We douse our products with salt spray in a testing process that would destroy lesser source units.


RAIN. Ever got caught in a rainshower that turns into a full on storm? The good news is that your WAKE series radio will continue working while the torrential rain continues. Looking for a fancy standard that we comply with? We prefer, “hurricane rated."


UV. Let’s face it, your marine stereo will see hundreds if not thousands of hours of sunlight. The sun is relentless and the inside of boats can see significantly more UV with the rays reflecting off the water. We use materials that hold up to ultraviolet rays, thus providing a shield to this harmful force.