About Us

25-year legacy

With a corporate legacy that began in 1981, Prospec Electronics entered the world of marine audio in 1986 with the launch of SeaWorthy – the company’s first line of dedicated marine audio products. In fact, the innovative SeaWorthy line was so successful, within one year Prospec focused exclusively on the marine industry.

Today, Prospec Electronics manufactures and distributes some of the world’s best-known marine Audio products. A leader in the marine aftermarket, the Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, company has grown to become a major international supplier, exporting products to clients throughout the world.

“While some manufacturers simply put automotive equipment in a box marked ‘marine’, Prospec components are thoroughly developed for the marine environment, “Circuit boards are encapsulated in a unique UV inspectable PUC coating. Since we supply to the Marine and Spa industries as well as other specialty outdoor markets, we understand how to test and develop products to withstand the rigors of those environments.Our exclusive 5-Year Owner Protection Plan is proof positive of our confidence in the quality of our products.”